Image result for tiger woods biography authorFrom the moment I began reading this engrossing memoir, I was hooked. For about a week, it was all I could talk about. If ever there was an example that promoted biographies over autobiographies, this is it.

Tiger Woods refused to engage with the authors of this book so instead they turned to the wellspring of written and digital material available to them. To their credit, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to show us the real Tiger Woods.

Along the way it becomes clear that their are two diverging personalities present in this riveting read. One is the once in a lifetime athletic genius who dazzles the sporting world with his golfing ability, the other is the controlling introvert who is used to doing and getting what he wants.

This is a conflicting read. It is easy to see how Tiger becomes who he is due to his controversial upbringing. Growing up and living within the bubble of public consciousness doesn’t help either. Like a spoilt child, Tiger never truly matures.

While some sympathy for him remains, his behaviour also comes across as despicable on many occasions. Not only with the women he objectifies, but the close friends and allies he coldly alienates or bullies.

Like him or loath him, Tiger is an icon of our times and after reading this you will come closer to understanding and knowing the man behind the golf clubs. Dare I say it, you might even admire parts of him.


  • Having read Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog and Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby, this is another element of the captivating Nike story. André Agassi’s Open is my next Nike read. I have been told by several friends that it is unputdownable.