Image result for hansons first marathon luke humphreysInterested in running your first marathon but don’t know where to begin? Look no further than this book.

In an age where the internet provide more questions than answers, this book is the perfect example of why sometimes it is better to have a book in your hand instead of endlessly googling training tips online.

I bought this book after reading a particularly insightful article in Runner’s World magazine. After reading all about the Hanson Method of training, running a marathon seemed much more achievable.

The Hanson Method divides opinion because the longest training run before the 26.2 mile race is only 16 miles. Having following the programme religiously for four months (and experiencing they expected injury & illness setbacks,) I can only say that the programme worked 100% for me. I followed the Just Finish programme in the end and it took about six hours a week to complete. There are many other programmes to choose from within the book to suit runners of every ability.

conneWhen it came to race day, I felt incredibly prepared and informed. While they was a niggling doubt that the extra ten miles could prove too much, the reality was that up to mile 22 I felt surprisingly comfortable. The last few miles were always going to be the most difficult, especially with a steep hill at the end!

Marathon training can be tough, but I found that the structure and advice that this book gave me was almost like having my own professional coach at hand. There was not one area that it did not cover and I look forward to using it again someday for my next big challenge!