I recently read and reviewed Scott Jurek’s excellent book Eat & Run. Sprinkled throughout this amazing book were many interesting book recommendations that I felt were too good not to share here with you.

Here is the complete list of books that Scott Jurek namechecks throughout Eat & Run in alphabetical order:born to run

  • Body, Mind and Sport (John Douillard) encourages breathing through the nose more than the mouth
  • Bone Games (Shultheis)
  • Born To Run (Christopher McDougall) one of my own favourite all time reads
  • Eat Right 4 Your Type (D’Adamo)
  • Indian Running (Nabakov)
  • Lore Of Running (Noakes)
  • Mad Cowboy (Lyman)
  • The Man Who Walked Through Time (Fletcher)
  • The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei (John Stevens)

‘The monks call their practise of Tendai Buddhism kaihogyo, an extensive daily pilgrimage through the mountainous terrain that encompasses hundreds of remote shrines, sacred peaks, stones, forests, glades and waterfalls. To these monks, the sacred is everywhere.

monksThe most devoted complete a 25-mile run every day for a thousand consecutive days. They wear straw sandals and carry a knife at their waist, to be used to kill themselves should they fail to continue. After five years, they conduct a nine-day fast, after which their senses are heightened to such a degree that they can hear ash fall from an incense stick. In the seventh year of their pilgrimage, the monks undertake the “Great Marathon” of 52.5 miles a day every day for a year. This extended circuit includes not only the rarified holy sites on Mount Hiei but also the crowded streets of downtown Kyoto. Each monk, as he runs past noodle bars and strip clubs, stops to give his blessing to the people in the city hurrying about their business.’

  • Meditations from the Breakdown Lane (Shapiro)
  • The Moosewood Cookbook
  • The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) read my review of this book here
  • Raw Powernow
  • Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life (Burfoot)
  • Running and Being: The Total Experence (George Sheehan)
  • Running Wild: An Extraordinary Adventure of the Human Spirit (John Annerino)
  • Running With The Whole Body
  • Spontaneous Healing (Weil) advocates mindful, deep breathing and helping the body to repair itself
  • Surviving The Extremes (Kamler)
  • Ultramarathon (Shapiro)
  • UltraRunning magazine
  • The Unsettling of America (Berry)
  • Way of the Peaceful Warrior (Millman)
  • The Wharton’s Stretch Book
  • The works of Henry David Thoreau

My Own Recommendations

  • Obviously, Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run!
  • I strongly agree with Jurek when I recommend Christopher McDougall’s Born To Run. It continues to influence my choice of footwear every day.
  • Dean Karnazes collection of real life short stories in Run! is another insightful and entertaining glimpse into the world of ultrarunning. It is a very easy read and features some madcap adventures. One of them includes meeting Barack Obama while running on a treadmill. I recently read that Karnazes listens to audiobooks when out on his long runs.
  • For something slightly different but no less inspiring, I would encourage you to consider author supreme Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. Japan is not far behind Kenya when it comes to being a world leader in running so this is an interesting account of both the author’s and the Japanese attitudes towards running.

What inspirational books do you recommend?