Tomorrow marks the official launch of Daniel Galera’s fantastic novel ‘The Shape Of Bones.’ I was lucky enough to read this one as a review copy back in January and I can recommend it highly enough. A great read. Keep an eye out for it!

The Book Chief

Coming this August 15th with Penguin Press

Translated by Alison Entrekin

That bad blood there, it’s good that it’s coming out. You’ve got to let it out, because then you body will make more of the good blood, the clean sort that runs through the inside, to replace the bad blood, understand?’

This is a book that could put South American literature back on the map.

Brazilian author Daniel Galera writes some terrific scenes in this short yet haunting novel about a man trying to make sense of who he is and deal with the regrets of his past.

While being a relatively short read at 192 pages, there are many beautiful and evocative passages that make this an almost visceral experience of growing up in Brazil.

The opening chapter alone almost has a short story quality to it as we read an exciting account of ‘the urban cyclist.’ It…

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