The idea of this book is too good not to share because we all love a good list! The internet is full of them and blogging would probably not exist without them. Writing lists is also very fun and a great way of getting your personality down on paper. In this world of chaos, writing a simple list can only help to create a sense of order. This is what I love about this new journal from blogger Moorea Seal.

Although I do not own a physical copy of this book, I have a feeling that I will do so very soon. I don’t know how, but I somehow managed to resist buying a copy yesterday. I already own so many little notebooks, diaries and day-to-day creative writing journals that I could not possibly justify buying another. Yet, a little bit of research told me more about this simple journal and I have to say that I am even more impressed.

The author has been incredibly generous and put up twenty free list ideas on her website. I have decided that if I get through these then I can buy a copy without any guilt once and for all!

Here are the twenty free list ideas for you to try yourself, taken from



Buy the 52 Lists Project in journal form here!