Happiness in Four Pebbles


‘To meditate is to think quietly about something. You may practice pebble meditation at the foot of a tree, in your living room, or wherever you like, but the place should be quiet.’

I have read many books on self-development, happiness and mindfulness over the years and almost suffered from information overload in the process. Many of these books speak about the virtues of meditation but none of them ever really explained how to do it. Instead they just seemed to assume that everyone, including children and busy business executives, could just cross their legs and enter a state of nirvana. For those of us who couldn’t instantly do this, meditation always remained to be one of those things that we’d like to do but never could.

This book is genuinely the most simple and straightforward book that I have encountered on the topic of mindful meditation. In just sixty four short pages, it got me meditating with confidence and ease and finally I started to feel the real benefits of having a daily mindful moment.

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Part of the reason that this book is a simple read is that it is aimed largely at children, but don’t let this turn you off. In my personal experience, it is us adults who find it harder to switch off compared to children and so the issue of age here is irrelevant. On the other hand, if you do have children this book does have some additional activities that can make meditation fun and accessible.

The core message of this book centres around the use of four small stones during the meditative process. Each stone or pebble represents a different element to the meditation process: flower, mountain, water, space. Finding these stones for yourself is a mindful activity in itself and can easily incorporate a trip to a garden, hill walk, seaside or river. I got my stones in a local angel shop and chose them based on their colour and the attributes linked to them.

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Once you have these in a safe place, you now have a portable meditation kit that you can take with you anywhere. What is great about the simple meditation technique outlined in this book is that it is built upon powerful yet simple mantras, controlled breathing and the tactile use of the stones. This engages you much more in the meditative process so that there is no room for falling asleep, drifting off or getting distracted by rogue thoughts.

This book will cost you very little to buy on kindle or hard copy and take a tiny amount of time to read. Its reward could potentially change your life by creating a small quiet moment each day.