I was driving home from world today listening to the news when a random idea dropped into my head. I was thinking back to Stephen King’s book The Dead Zone, which I read in recent years, and how it kind of predicted the Donald Trump situation in America.

In the book, the main character Johnny Smith has a couple of accidents  and his resulting head trauma results in him gaining supernatural powers. These powers allow him to predict the future. Sometimes it works as a hunch that allows him to win prizes at a funfair wheel of fortune. Sometimes he can vividly picture entire scenarios that will not happen for years.

While attending a political rally, Johnny shakes the hand of Independent politician Greg Stillson and he sees a future where Stillson as President causes a massive worldwide nuclear conflict. King compares Johnny’s dilemma to someone having the choice to back in time to 1932 and assassinate Hitler; would you do it knowing what would happen in the future?

Obviously I am not the only one to have stumbled upon this connection as a quick Google of ‘Greg Stillson’ quickly threw up ‘Greg Stillson Donald Trump’ as an option! This search option threw up some interesting articles to read!

As Trump’s Inauguration Day approaches in 2017, this book could be a Stephen King classic worth revisiting over the Christmas holidays! The film and tv series based on the book could also be worth a watch!

Youtube link for trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmC5oPc7L3M