As 2016 reaches its end, this book has made several Book of the Year lists. Read my review here so see what I thought back in September

The Book Chief

Quote of the book: “Perhaps this is all  a kind of dream.”

The Vegetarian by Han Kang won the Man Booker International prize in 2016 and so jumped up to the top of my immediate reading list. It is quite short read at 183 pages but the deeply unsettling nature of the story stays with you far beyond the brief reading time.

The novel is laid out like a tragic stage play with three separate acts and each act offers a different perspective on the unusual and unfortunate character that is Yeong-Hye. Yeong-Hye basically wakes from a dream one night and decides there and then to remove meat and all that it entails from her fridge, freezer and life forever more. Early in the novel, little is hinted at how this one decision sets  in motion a character unravelling of huge proportions.

Yeong-Hye’s husband, artistic brother-in-law and sensible older sister…

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